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Stella Bridesmaid Bouquet

Hello Gorgeous,

You've found Something Borrowed Blooms wedding flowers for rent. You must be a savvy bride looking for an alternative to traditional florists and their traditional prices. Here you will find beautiful wedding flower collections available for you to RENT for your special day.

Our process is simple & so are our prices!

Bridal Bouquets: $65

Bridesmaids Bouquets: $30

Boutonnieres: $5

Corsages/Posies: $10

Flower Girl Kissing Balls: $15

Floral Crowns: $20

Centerpieces: $18

Stella Bridal Bouquet
Stella Centerpiece
Stella Boutonnieres


Our Boasting Brides 

Bride Hannah, The Charlotte Collection
Something Borrowed Blooms is an awesome concept for weddings. Taking care of my wedding flowers was literally done a month before my wedding. I was in between using a florist and making all the arrangements myself. Then I found out about them through a friend who was just in a wedding that had flowers by Something Borrowed Blooms. She has amazing taste so I trusted her referral. I was even more pleased when I saw their collections online. My wedding flower budget was cut in half and the stress of picking flowers and arrangements was gone. They came out looking beautiful in my pictures and they were exactly what I had in mind for what I wanted my flowers to look like! They were so accommodating so close to my wedding day, I wish I had found out about them sooner! 

Bride Amanda, The Olivia Collection
For my wedding, I decided to save some money and "borrow" my flower arrangements and bouquets. I'll admit I was a little hesitant at first, but the team at Something Borrowed Blooms was very quick to respond to my request and any questions I had. The process was super easy, they send you an invoice and you pay online. 
The quality and recommendations they provided for my wedding flowers turned out so amazing! They notified me once the flowers had shipped and once they arrived. When my mom opened the box she literally starting crying, because they were so beautiful. They even smelled real! 
The flowers come perfectly packaged with return shipping labels to send back so you don't have to worry about shipping fees, etc. 
If you are a bride on a budget, and are looking for gorgeous flowers for your wedding - you can't beat Something Borrowed Blooms quality and price. I would highly recommend contacting them! 

​Bride Amelie, The Audrey & Olivia Collections
About 2 or 3 months before my wedding, I still had not picked out a florist. I could not get over how expensive they all were!! So, during what I thought would be the downfall of my wedding, Something Borrowed Blooms was my saving grace!! Not only were they quick to get back to me with answers to all of my questions, but they made purchasing my borrowed flowers super easy and convenient, and they came in way under my budget for flowers. I was truly amazed at the quality and beauty of the flowers! They photographed beautifully and the centerpieces for the reception were perfect!! I don't know what I would have done without them! Thank you, SBB team for making my special day even more special! 

Bride Katie, The Audrey Collection

The team at Something Borrowed made such a big difference in my big day! Flowers were one of the things I was most worried about, but I was blown away by how easy and convenient their whole process was from start to finish. We got the exact flowers I wanted for a fraction of what I would have paid anywhere else, and their mail delivery and return system made a lot of sense during a time that is notoriously chaotic! I recommend Something Borrowed to anyone who wants beautiful floral arrangements with minimal effort and expense on the part of the bride! 

Meet our newest collection, Sophia- 

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At Something Borrowed Blooms, we only create the most gorgeous, on trend floral designs. Our Collections include looks for every bride from the timeless and elegant Audrey to the bold and playful Kinsley. Browse our Collections and you're sure to find something you've seen in your dreams. And remember, you're welcome to mix & match any that you love.

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